If you elect a Conservative council on May 3rd, we pledge to collect your bins on time, every time - or you can claim a £10 refund on your Council Tax. This is a service you pay for, so if you don’t receive it we feel it is only right that you are compensated. 

In the wake of the last 12 months of sporadic and chaotic waste collection in the borough, Sutton’s Conservatives will put residents first in future. The Lib Dems running the council justify the problems they are having emptying bins and cleaning the streets by suggesting that we can’t afford anything better. But this is just an excuse for their failure to make Veolia, the supplier, to deliver the service levels agreed in the contract.

The contract sets out a high standard and that is what a well-run Conservative council will deliver. For houses or flats with a kerbside wheelie bin collection, the contract says your bin should be emptied on the correct day and Veolia must return within 24 hours to collect any that are missed. For blocks of flats with large communal waste bins, the agreement says that Veolia must ensure that they are never overflowing. 

Our £10 pledge will be funded through the penalty terms set out in the contract. These allow the council to levy extra charges on Veolia if they fail to deliver. The Liberal Democrats are not enforcing these, letting Veolia get away with missing performance targets.

The leader of Sutton’s Conservatives Tim Crowley said: “This bold step will increase public confidence in a service that until now has been patchy at best and disgraceful at worst. This will force Veolia to take their contractual responsibilities seriously. When they don’t, it’s only right that residents get money back.”