Join the 200 Club


The 200 Club was formed many years ago as a means of raising regular money for the Conservative Party and membership includes two social events per year.

To become a member, you subscribe for a ticket with a number between 1 and 200 at £30 per ticket per year, either by a single payment or by two payments of £15.  Ideally this is by standing order, but can be by cheque.  Subscribing members will have their number(s) put into a twice-yearly Draw for the top prize, which is currently £500.  There is also a second prize of £75 and several lesser prizes of £30. A similar amount to the prize total, less expenses, is donated to the Party. The more tickets we sell, the more money we raise for prizes and for the local federation.

The Draws normally takes place in June and November at a social event which includes complementary refreshments. 

We hope you will join our 200 Club, which is also a good way of getting to know other members and making friends in the Conservative Party.

If you wish to join, or would like further information, please contact the office on 020 8642 3791 or email and we will send you an application form.