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Help us demonstrate the strength of feeling over Sutton Council's Road Closures

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In recent years, the local Conservatives have consistently called for the Lib Dem Councillors running Sutton Council to improve their consultation processes, to ensure that YOU are listened to, and your opinion is fully taken into account. We regret that through their Road Closure Schemes, they have yet again demonstrated their inability to do so. 

As a result,  many residents have contacted us to say they have lost faith in the Council’s willingness and ability to carry out proper consultation, as highlighted by the botched implementation of the so-called Parking Strategy. 

The full road closure proposals can be viewed here: https://moderngov.sutton.gov.uk/documents/b12816/Second%20Despatch%20-%20Appendices%20to%20Safer%20Active%20Greener%20Streets%2006th-Jul-2020%2019.30%20Strategy%20and%20Re.pdf?T=9 

Please complete the survey below and help us demonstrate to Sutton Council the strength of feeling over the schemes, many of which have already been implemented without any consultation.

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Questions Support Oppose Unsure
4. Are you happy with how the Lib Dem administration at Sutton Council has consulted you and your neighbours on these schemes?