Success on Bin Collections and Street Cleaning

Sutton Conservatives have got the Council to agree to publish statistics monitoring the performance of Veolia, the contractor that provides bin collection and street cleaning services for the Council.

The Council agreed with a number of suggestions that the Conservatives made to publish statistics relating to the bin collection and street cleaning contract. 

Under the contract, no street bin should ever become full or overflow. Streets must be 100% cleared of litter at the end of a cleaning route, and deal with litter within 24 hours. Household bins should never be missed by bin collection crews. However, this is still happening for too many people in Sutton and the terms of the contract state that penalties are in place each time this happens.

We believe the public should be told how Veolia are performing and what action the Council is taking to put it right.

Conservative Councillor for Belmont, Neil Garratt, said: "Continued failures to pick up bins or clean our streets properly by the Council's contractor after nearly two years are less 'teething issues' as the Lib Dems are calling it, but a complete failure of a service.

"While we acknowledge that the service has slightly improved, it is clear that residents are still not getting what they should be expecting from Veolia. The Council rushed to roll-out the contract when the other three Boroughs waited, causing widespread chaos with the service, and they are STILL negotiating certain elements of the contract after nearly two years of being in place.

"The Council agreed with the Conservatives on Monday to publish month-on-month how Veolia are performing against the indicators agreed in their contract, including the number of missed collections and how many deductions they are making from their payments to Veolia.

"We are pleased that the Council have agreed to do this, but we had to drag them kicking and screaming to get to this stage, so we will continue to hold their feet to the fire and ensure these statistics are published. This will not be over until residents are getting the service they are paying for."