Parking Strategy Concerns

Sutton Conservatives raised concerns on Monday night about the consultation, or lack thereof, of the Council's new £1.6m parking strategy.

Conservative Councillor for Sutton South, Tony Shields, said: "With minimal consultation, Sutton Lib Dems are planning a raid on car owners pockets by turning many roads into controlled pay and display zones, so residents and visitors could be charged. After that the Lib Dem-run Council could dramatically increase costs for residents permits and fines that will ultimately prevent residents on modest incomes from owning a car, no matter how much they rely on it.

"This Council is deeply unfriendly to motorists, with rising parking charges and new developments approved with less parking than is needed, under the guise of encouraging people to use public transport. We are fighting to ensure that residents get a good deal when it comes to parking.

"There was once a time when Sutton Council actually worked FOR residents. It now seems to operate in spite of them, and this shabby charade will cause massive inconvenience to motorists.

"Make sure you have your say!"

What can you do?

  1. Look on Sutton Council's website and look at the maps available to see if your or nearby roads are affected,
  2. Take a moment to fill in the online consultation and reply to the consultation,
  3. Attend one of the road-show style events that are to be held in the run up to Christmas and have you say.

You can find more information about the Council's parking strategy in your area and have your say here.