National Apprenticeship Week 2019

We are supporting National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2019. 

National Apprenticeship Week is coordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week the Education Secretary has announced a new leader board to celebrate the employers who have embraced apprenticeships, who will be recognised for their work to get more people into skilled jobs:

  • We are launching a new leader board of top apprenticeship employers – the new rankings will be independently judged and published annually and are expected to rate the Top 100 large apprentice employers as well as the top 50 SMEs.
  • We are also developing a new quality mark for apprenticeships – developed in partnership with Community Interest Company ‘Investors in People’ to shine a light on high-quality apprentice employers.
  • These moves will help apprentices easily identify training opportunities with high performing employers and give young people the confidence that their hard work will come with an assurance of excellence.

Councillor Jed Dwight said: "At the age of 18 I chose a different path to many of my peers, taking up an apprenticeship offered by a local family run Lettings Agency. 

"That apprenticeship couldn’t have been more perfect for me, allowing me to gain key skills while earning a living and providing me with the flexibility to volunteer in my community - including getting elected as a local Councillor! 

"Almost 10 years on I am thrilled to have seen the amazing opportunities that apprenticeships, like mine, have given to millions of people from different backgrounds and right the way across the country, including right here in Sutton."

If you want to find out more about apprenticeships here in Sutton, then visit the Get Ahead Sutton website here.