Drain clearing issues

Sutton Conservatives have been raising concerns about the poor quality, or total absence of, gully cleaning and drain clearing in Sutton.

Now leaves have begun to fall and it begins to rain more often, there have already been examples of drains being blocked and roads being flooded as a result.

Conservative councillor for Carshalton South and Clockhouse, Moira Butt, said: "Last year was the first year under the Veolia contract and we saw leaves piling up in the streets, roads being flooded and leaf fall decomposing and causing dangerous conditions on the pavements.

"We're now well into autumn and again the leaves are falling and the rain is coming.

"However the Lib Dems attitude seems to be that everything is fine and nothing has changed. 

"This is not good enough. We need our streets properly swept, leaves cleared and drains working to ensure we don't have another year like last year."