Manifesto 2018

Unlocking Sutton’s Potential – the Conservative Party Manifesto for the London Borough of Sutton, 2018

Making Sutton better for Families, better for Business, better for the Environment and better for Transport

Sutton’s a great place to live, but we believe it could be even better. This is our headline plan to make that happen, but we can only deliver it with your support on May 3rd.

Better for Families

  • St Helier Hospital is now safe but we need to build a new specialist acute hospital facility in Sutton. This is part of our local NHS trust’s proposals to provide state-of-the-art new A&E, complex emergency medicine, maternity and inpatient paediatrics.
  • We will plan for and deliver enough school places for every child in Sutton and avoid the recent crisis which has led to many pupils being taught in temporary facilities.
  • Sutton’s recent OFSTED inspection for special education needs children showed good work on the front line by staff being let down by a lack of political leadership. We will provide that leadership and make sure all children get the attention they deserve.
  • We will help deliver more affordable new homes while ensuring that any new developments are sensitive to local needs and reflect residents’ views.
  • A more business-like approach to running the council will help keep council tax increases down; we understand that every pound of taxpayer’s money is hard-earned and must be spent wisely.
  • Sutton has a strong community based on churches, faith groups, charities, volunteers and people from all backgrounds; we recognise the positive impact they already have and will do in future to unlock Sutton’s potential. We will work with all of these groups to ensure everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our society, can play a full part in Sutton life.
  • We will work with the Police and all partners to ensure Sutton remains a low crime Borough.

Better for Transport

  • The London Overground, which terminates in West Croydon, should be extended through Wallington, Carshalton Beeches and Sutton to Belmont. This will increase the number of trains line and open up new rail destinations for people in Sutton.
  • There will be no more “shared space” schemes on main roads such as the one attempted at Hackbridge. The Liberal Democrat experiments with trendy schemes to remove crossings from main roads haven’t worked and are dangerous for elderly, blind, and other vulnerable pedestrians. Government research shows that these schemes can only work where traffic levels are very light.
  • We will cap resident parking permits at £30.
  • We will enable more people to cycle by ensuring that all new cycle routes are built to London Cycle Design Standards.
  • Potholes are a serious hazard to all road users, especially for those on two wheels. We will prioritise fixing potholes and ensure Sutton gets a large share of the government’s new £100m pothole fund.

Better for the Environment

  • We’ll make Veolia deliver the service residents are paying for – emptying your bins on time, cleaning the streets and clearing the drains as the contract states. If your bin isn’t emptied in the allotted collection period, you can claim a £10 refund on your Council Tax. We will fund this through the penalties already in the contract with Veolia, but which aren’t currently being enforced.
  • As some people find lifting the recycling boxes difficult, we will let them swap their green recycling boxes for a second green wheelie bin if they prefer.
  • We will closely monitor the Lib Dem-backed incinerator on Beddington Lane and install extra air monitoring stations across the borough.
  • We will provide recycling street litter bins, a simple step to ensure your recyclable waste isn’t sent to landfill unnecessarily.
  • A Conservative council will pursue fly tippers vigorously through the courts, both to penalise them and to deter others.
  • We will not charge for use of the Kimpton Road recycling centre and will negotiate shared use of neighbouring boroughs’ recycling centres through the South London Waste Partnership with Croydon, Merton and Kingston.
  • We will not sell off our parks for housing or allow traveller sites to be built in them.

Better for Business

  • To make it easier to use local independent shops and for our town centres to compete with supermarkets, we will provide at least an hour’s free parking in every council surface car park and where possible 2 hours. We will also review parking charges in Sutton town centre multi-storey car parks.
  • With our partners, we will establish the London Cancer Hub research campus in Sutton, and ensure it has the transport infrastructure to be a success and provide high-quality jobs.
  • We will encourage both independent shops and popular brands to come to Sutton to revitalise our high streets and local economy.
  • We will seek to turn the loss-making Sutton Life Centre into an apprenticeship hub.
  • When the council has opportunities to invest, we will do so within the borough to provide a long-term benefit for Sutton’s community.
  • We will safeguard the Charles Cryer Theatre for our community’s use and to help encourage the creative industry locally.


Your Local Conservative Candidates

  • Beddington North: Malcolm Brown, Alison Huneke and Andy Williams
  • Beddington South: Neil Garratt, Ann Page and Jim Simms
  • Belmont: David Hicks, Patrick McManus and Jane Pascoe
  • Carshalton Central: Matthew Drew, Lynne Fletcher and Ethan Smith
  • Carshalton South and Clockhouse: Moira Butt, Tim Crowley and Melissa Pearce
  • Cheam: Eric Allen, Elliot Colburn and Holly Ramsey
  • Nonsuch: Martina Allen, Peter Geiringer and James McDermott-Hill
  • St Helier: Steve Ayres, Simon Densley and Simon Higgs
  • Stonecot: Jed Dwight, Param Nandha and Ryan Stoneman
  • Sutton Central: Nigel Cornwell, Marie Grant and Alan Plant
  • Sutton North: Emma Scully, Vikki Shields and Terry Woods
  • Sutton South: Tony Shields, David Slaughter and Vanessa Udall
  • Sutton West: Lily Bande, Catherine Gray and Mukesh Rao
  • The Wrythe: William Curley, Millie Shields and Sebastian Wopinski
  • Wallington North: Charlotte Leonard, Lynn Robertson and Christopher Wortley
  • Wallington South: Daryl Brisley, Omoniyi Giwa and Hilary Wortley
  • Wandle Valley: David Jeffreys, Julia Russell and Ross Taylor
  • Worcester Park: Tom Drummond, Bob Miah and Paul Newman