No traveller site on Roundshaw Playing Fields

We will oppose any attempt to convert any part of Roundshaw into a permanent site for gypsies and travellers.

After the mass illegal traveller camp in 2015 was finally cleared from Rounshaw Playing Fields, most people wanted them kept off for good. But the Liberal Democrats running the council announced plans to build a permanent gypsy and traveller site in Roundshaw, accessed from the end of Hannibal Way, in a consultation in early 2016 to be part of the Local Plan. Massive public objections made them think again, and the plan was pulled from the final Local Plan published last year. Instead, an extension of the existing site in Woodmansterne was agreed.

However, the whole question of creating new permanent Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Sutton will need to be revisited in the future. The Planning Inspectorate, who reviewed the Local Plan, advised that the Woodmansterne extension would only meet the current need until the mid-2020s, meaning the Council will need to come up with a special Gypsy and Traveller plan by 2023. This requires them to assess the need for more Gypsy and Traveller plots, and if a need is identified, sites will be suggested and put forward to consultation. 

Your Conservatives are concerned that Roundshaw may be revisited as a potential site before 2023, and will stand against any future attempts to bring this idea back. Vote Conservative on May 3rd to elect 3 councillors for Roundshaw and Beddington South who will stand up for Roundshaw if any such plans are proposed again.

No Traveller Site on Roundshaw

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