No to a telephone mast on Tilehurst Road

We, the undersigned, opposed the plans from Vodafone Limited and Telefónica UK Limited for a 12.m telephone mast and subsequent cabinets on Tilehurst Road.

Planning permission was granted in the past for a 10m mast, despite opposition from residents and local councillors. 

After months and months of inaction, Vodafone Limited and Telefónica UK Limited now want permission to build an even higher mast and increase the number of cabinet stations surrounding it.

We believe this is not suitable for the local area, is too high and would spoil the skyline for the surrounding residents.

This petition is to be presented to Vodafone Limited and Telefónica UK Limited to ask that they do not proceed with a planning application for a higher mast, and will be presented to the Sutton Council Planning Committee in the event that they do not adhere to this request.

You can read more about the plans here.

No to a phone mast on Tilehurst Road

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